• Developments in Plant Engineering

    Process engineering plants are among the largest and most complex structures of humanity. Only a few companies worldwide are able to design and construct efficient and state-of-the-art plants. In recent years, there has been significant growth in the plant engineering industry.  In addition to rising costs and the inevitable impact on the profit margin of construction companies, labour and infrastructure bottlenecks, deadlines with completion limitations, resource constraints, and constant business management difficulties, problems occur that are often habitual for those who work in the sector, but not always easy to solve. But what does this analysis tell us? We are facing an urgent demand for innovations in the plant engineering industry that seek to optimize the productivity of the sector. Among the major innovations in the construction industry and closely related to increased productivity in the industry is the adoption of mobile devices and automation control solutions for works.

    Innovation in Construction Planning and Process

    Thanks to the implementation of a digital experience through mobile devices, the organization of contractors, builders and developers have observed a considerable improvement in process management, planning and control of execution and quality of projects; even after the end of the project. Several software have been developed exclusively for civil construction and have proven to be particularly effective in the management of processes; is ideal for those who want to have quality information for greater assertiveness in decision making to provide greater agility in processes, reduction of costs and even improvements in the environmental sustainability of the project. Some other benefits include optimization in the process of quality management. Management of the teams in the field (also assisting in the area of work safety) is easier. Updating the progress of the work, reducing losses, cost accuracy labour, monitoring and inspection of keys of the enterprise' control of technical assistance services, among other data that can be organized and is easily accessible for planning, management and other staff involved.

    In order to have a better idea, a works management platform is able to control the entry of materials at the construction site, the use of each of them in each stage of the work, the performance of the hired labour, among other relevant aspects, all in one screen. In addition, each manager involved can access the information in real time and from anywhere. In addition, the materials used in the plant engineering sites have also been replaced by increasingly efficient solutions. Modernization of equipment such as the use of flexible cranes and faster elevators are examples of how simple changes impact the final result. Among companies that seek to optimize productivity in the industry, there is a rising concern to improve the synchronicity between enterprise and material flow, aiming at the elimination of activities that do not add value, a better range of suppliers and even practices for better filtering of purchases. 

    In general, measures that tend to accompany a leaner management model (agile) are implemented to ensure a faster process. This type of technology is what makes a plant engineering enter the 21st century since it is an essential point for any type of business: the use of information in its favour. Even today, it is common for information to be recorded in spreadsheets manually, which complicates the monitoring process at the construction site.

  • Function and objectives of Plant Engineering

    Plant Engineering is a division of power engineering, and is defined as the engineering and technology required for the production of central station electric power. The field is focused on the generation of power for industries and communities, not for household power production. Control the activities that are carried out in the production department. Master any changes that occur in the production department.


    Objectives of plant engineering:

    • Organize functions related to plant engineering
    • Processes related to product manufacturing productivity
    • Variables related to the manufacturing process
    • Techniques that are implemented when making a product
    • Production reports
    • Management of raw materials and result
    • Design and redesign of products
    • Collaboration of technologies and management of them
    • Techniques that reduce costs
    • Planning of productive processes

    Plant Engineering Specifications: 

    Plant Engineering realizes the availability of the equipment, production, Human resource and everything that concerns the facilities to its domain. Those who work within the design of installation in the plants have the main objective to organize all the factors mentioned above. Few Precautionary Measures use the entire structure trained to carry out their work. Human Resource is optimal. Improve the communication process between human resources and clients. Minimize the manufacturing lapses and in the same way the distribution to the client. Get rid of products that do not represent an important function. Control what enters and leaves the company, in reference to the materials manufactured. Carry out measures that promote safety. Perform the processes that maintain the structure and work team.

    How to Implement Plant Engineering in a Company

    According to a plant engineer, robotic automation is the best solution to reduce costs, increase production, and address labor shortages. Before calling a system integrator to get a price quote, there are few steps to follow to ensure success when implementing a robotic system. Plant Engineering produces products or provides a service that improves the quality of the user. It has human resources, raw material, technological equipment, and budget. The complete training in the techniques that allow it is the main objective of the postgraduate program Organization and Engineering of the Production and Management of Industrial Plants, which deals in depth with the aspects that give economic value to the company through engineering and management of the productive processes. In addition, it emphasizes the most advanced and current trends in aspects such as process engineering, lean manufacturing, total productive maintenance, supply chain management, as well as those related to the enhancement of skills directives, as is the case of coaching.

    The Master in Organization and Engineering of Production and Management of Industrial Plants works all these aspects that must give economic value to the company, and deals with aspects related to engineering and management of manufacturing processes, production planning and of the needs of materials and resources, of the design of industrial plants and of the implementation of productive systems. All this related to management aspects: logistics, quality, maintenance, human resources, etc., with a special dedication of the most advanced tendencies, so that the participants intervene actively, working as a team and studying real cases that may have had place in their own companies. A very complete teaching methodology focused on practical aspects. Maintenance of machinery, painting and everything related to the structure of the company

  • The myths about digital transformation services on several initiatives

    In this sense, we can say that this movement has transformed the people, the society and the way the companies manage the business. Technology has been increasingly used and contributes to making activities faster and more agile. The subject of digital transformation services is intimately related to the role of technology in today's society. Basically, we're talking that you, from an internet connection, can do anything you feel like doing. Go to the bank, buy a product, talk to someone, pay an account, etc. In the context of business, digital transformation is what enables any company to become virtual. But when talking about virtual business, the reference should be to create value and revenue in digital assets, going far beyond the automation of processes. It is the transformation of internal and external processes and business models, allowing a new experience to customers through digital technology.

    If you pick up your cell phone and check the amount of applications present in it, you may have a little idea of how digital transformation is present in the market. By the way, by observing your own routine, you will find that your way of relating to businesses in any industry has changed radically. Technologies connect people worldwide, one part seeking lodging and the other offering their houses as shelter for a few days. The payment is made by the web, a safe, cheap business and that made viable trips that, until recently, would be much more expensive. In the financial market, banks have been turning into digital companies for a long time. In fact, today, the only activity that still forces the client to go to an agency is the need to cash money.

    Even in the B2B market there are companies that have been standing out in terms of innovation. There is hardly any establishment that does not accept card payments, both debit and credit. Those who need credit, a way to connect people who need resources with others who want to invest. The move comes cheaper for both parties and boosts economic growth as it allows you to enable working capital at lower rates to invest in your business. In relation to working models, companies have also been expanding their horizons through digital transformation, improving people management. The most modern organizations are betting on home office schemes, allowing their employees to work from home and go to the headquarters only to hold meetings or training. Generally, it is the Information Technology sector that is responsible for aspects related to a digital company and any modernization of a company. However, believing that the area alone is responsible for change is a big mistake. 

    Digital transformation services involve a change in organizational culture and the involvement of managers so that technology goes out of planning and actually works in practice. Therefore, we can say that it is a multidisciplinary work that involves the whole company. So, we can say that digital strategies have to be adopted and well planned, but this does not represent the digital transformation itself. Again, this involves the use of technologies, cultural change and the mindset, and above all how tools can help to optimize work and routine within organizations. As you might realize, digital transformation is so much more than just having a few electronic processes. It's about total business virtualization, providing new ways to connect with customers, suppliers, and employees.

  • Home loan eligibility calculator helps you to find the home loan that fits you

    Buying a new house is one of the main plans and dreams of many people, because reaching a certain age knowing that you have a roof of your own is a very rewarding feeling. The point is that the money that is needed to buy an apartment or a house is exceeding the limits, a figure that is not acquired overnight, and to save them, it would take years to achieve what is needed. . This, not to mention that when you have the money you will surely have lost its value, if you did not try to keep it in the bank or with a financial institution. This is why people prefer to borrow and acquire a loan that guarantees a short-term acquisition and much faster.  To qualify for eligibility of a home loan, the applicant's total annual income, credit history, assets and liabilities will affect the final credit decision and hence one can find the eligibility by using home loan eligibility calculator to know the exact figures of the loan a person can take.


    The house remains as collateral either before the bank or before an individual to ensure that is going to pay for said loan. Then, the mortgage must constitute it in a public deed in a Notary, where the characteristics and agreements are determined. After the initiative of the bank for house loan finance, it became easy to obtain the loan at a simple interest after reducing the interest rate. Anyone who wishes to obtain a real estate financing loan should be employed in any of the public or private sectors of the state or from the self-employed. The maximum amount of the loan granted is determined by the borrower's net income.  An evaluation committee is formed from within the bank or mortgage finance company to determine the value of the property or unit. The property has a building permit.

    To determine the amount of home loan you are eligible for, try using home loan eligibility calculator to help you determine the amount of a home loan that fits your financial situation. There is also a tool to help you check out the home loan option, which will recommend the product that best suits your needs. Therefore, the slower rate of lending is also normal, and the current downturn in the property market may be slower. The advantages of mortgage credit are the possibility of short term to pay for housing; the interest rate is much lower than for example the one of a credit of consumption and the property is the one that endorses the debt.

    Among other benefits of acquiring a mortgage loan is that of having life insurance. Thus, if you as a debtor dies or suffers a disability, the insurance will cover 100% of the balance of the loan or there is also the option to insure for fire and earthquake, which will help cover the loss or damage to property. The property due to natural contingencies. These insurances are obligatory and must be provided by the financial entity when it acquires the credit.

  • Assurex: the leading tool for automation testing

    The projects of automation of tests for a software development must be based on three key pillars so that they can be successful. Assurex brings in manufacturing commitment to quality into the world of test quality assurance. There is no doubt that a good test automation strategy is of great importance to deliver high quality software as quickly as possible. Although many developers think that all tests must be automated reality is another because it is not one of the best strategies. One of the main mistakes that software development companies make is to start automating tests without a solid automation strategy, adequate to the needs and planned.                                                                    



    Automation strategy

    The automation strategy must be derived from an adequate testing strategy. Choose what, how, when, who, where, with what to test the software is a key factor for obtaining profitable results. But usually it is thought that automating the tests consists of a program performing the same checks as a tester, and in most cases this is not true. The first time tests of critical aspects of the software are recommended to be designed and executed by an expert tester. It may even be advisable to perform them manually. Also very complex and unusual test cases can be left out of automation. However, the regression tests and the technical checks of the software, as well as the level tests are usually the main focus for the automation of tests. The use of testing tools for the technical aspects of security, performance, maintainability, portability and reliability is also fundamental. 

    Focus on development project 

    Automation is that a program executes several thousand even hundreds of thousands of test cases. If good coding practices and software architecture are not applied, such automation will become unmanageable and the automation project will grow in technical debt until the maintenance cost of the automation does not compensate for the defects it identifies on the software to be tested. An expert developer has the necessary knowledge to perform the design and architecture of automation.

    Easy to test software 

    A characteristic of software usually neglected, is the testability or ease of testing software, that is, how cheap or expensive it is to test certain software, both manually and with automations. The technical solutions chosen by the development teams can significantly increase the cost of testing and, obviously, of automation.

    A medium or high-sized test automation project should

    •    designed properly
    •    be done by expert professionals
    •    be integrated with the software to be tested

    Otherwise there will be breaches of expectations and increase in development costs. Development methodologies such as assurex as well as extreme programming or agile development proposals, encourage compliance with the three aspects described, although it is always good for the development team to have a good knowledge of testing. There is no doubt that a good test automation strategy is of great importance to deliver high quality software as quickly as possible. Although many developers think that all tests must be automated reality is another because it is not one of the best strategies. One of the main mistakes that software development companies make is to start automating tests without a solid automation strategy, adequate to the needs and planned. 

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