• A guide to choose automation testing services or manual test

    Software testing is a huge domain; it can be roughly divided into two areas: manual test and automatic test. In manual test, run test case manually by tester using a tool or without support from scripts, but in automatic testing, the test case will be run with the help of the tool, scripts, and software. Both manual and automation testing services provide advantages and disadvantages to get the best results and when to use one or the other it is worth knowing the difference.

    Testing is an integral part of any successful software project. Test type depends on various factors, including project requirements, budget, timeline, expertise, and conformance. Three important factors of any project time, cost, and quality - all three are related to each other. The goal of any successful project is to successfully complete while maintaining high-quality output In order to reduce the cost and time required to sometimes come to the exam, one type can achieve this goal better than others. Manual testing and automatic testing covers two vast areas, within each category, concrete test methods are available, such as black box test, white box test, integration test, system test, performance test, and load some of these methods are suitable for manual testing and some are done with the best automation. 

    Exploratory testing: This type of testing requires knowledge of testers, experience, analysis / logical skills, creativity, and intuition. Tests are characterized here by documents of poorly written specifications we will need human skills to carry out the testing process in this scenario, and brief for running. 

    Usability Test: This is the area you need to measure how user-friendly, efficient, or useful software and products are for end users Here, human observation is most important It is a factor, so a manual approach is preferred.

    Ad Hoc Test: In this scenario, there is no concrete approach, which is a totally unplanned way of testing, where tester understanding and insight is the only important element.

    Regression test: Here, because there is an automatic test, it is suitable for frequent code changes and the ability to perform regression in a timely manner.
    Load test: Automated test is also the best way to complete a test efficiently when coming to load the test.

    Repeat execution: Requires repetitive task execution test is best automated.
    Performance test: Similarly, testing that requires simulation of thousands of concurrent user’s needs automation.

    Keeping these factors in mind, you can achieve a quality output within your budget and timeline, finding the best approach to any test situation. Everyone involved in software development will be suffering from complicated requirements and frequent specification changes. Especially in the development of embedded software, despite the occurrence of defects becoming a fatal problem, it is unlikely that sufficient development time will be given even if specification changes occur. Manual testing is not accurate at all times due to human error, hence it is unreliable, automation testing services are more reliable, as it is performed by tools and/or scripts.

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