• Technological challenges for plant engineering services

    Technological innovation, the need to find sustainable alternatives in its business model, the improvement of plant engineering services are pillars on which they must base their structure to increase their competitiveness in a globalized economy. And in this revolution, are able to identify the opportunities and needs of the company and find the best solutions to implement them. We could define industrial engineering as the profession that deals with the optimization of the use of human, technical and technological resources. Directly related to management, it provides a set of key scientific and technological knowledge for innovation, development and improvement of techniques and tools to meet the needs of companies and society. 


    Especially in times like today where companies, before the digital transformation and industry 4.0, need trained professionals to interpret the data, draw conclusions to implement actions and obtain a competitive advantage. The importance of the figure of the industrial engineer to work on its implementation to improve the competitiveness of the company. An importance that is reflected in the employment figures of this profession The different productive sectors, after analysing the raw material needs, request the necessary materials through the order of materials. It is usually issued in quadruplicate. The original cost, the duplicate to warehouses, the tripled to warehouse accounting , and the quadrupled to the sector that places the order.

    Follow-up: It includes the quantitative control of production, that is, the control through the progress of productive activities. The daily production part is published where the characteristics and qualities of the finished products are recorded. It can be done by sector, at the end of the production process, or in both instances. It is usually issued in quadruplicate. The original cost, the duplicate to warehouses, the tripled to Accounting and the quadrupled to Factory. Quality Control: It includes the qualitative control of the production, that is, the fulfilment of the design quality specifications of the elaborated product. In this module reference is made to the judicial function associated with the quality that is carried out by the Quality Control department. This function does not invalidate others of a legislative nature developed by Product Engineering, or of an executive nature in charge of Manufacturing.

    Although in some organizations the quality control part is issued, this voucher can be ignored when the daily production part provides a space to register quality compliance. The plant engineering services must sustain an action and professional practice in a solid formation, training and development in the leadership to follow, guaranteeing in this way, the integration of teams, adequate management of human and technical resources in function of productivity, strategic planning , control of production, reduction of operating costs and everything that contributes to the achievement of optimal production results, capable of satisfying the demand and requirements of consumers.

    Such demands make companies increasingly need a good industrial engineer, able to provide the knowledge and skills required to ensure transparent production processes, reducing costs and improving quality. The professional in industrial engineering, must be a great strategist, visionary, agent of change, generator of transformations to ensure optimal production and proper management of resources, taking advantage of the opportunities arising from current economic scenarios, and the demands of competitiveness, that the globalizing society demands.

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