Pottery class Siem reap: the best art to learn

    Cambodia today is the legacy of the rest of the strong Khmer empire reigning on what today Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. Many of the artifacts of this law can be seen in the famous temple-mountain. The Independence Monument is not superficial in size and magnitude in Southeast Asia, and probably throughout the world. Cambodia is a country trying to establish a genocidal regime that was practiced by Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge regime in the late 1970s when more than 20 million Cambodians were killed. And also they have a art of clay pottery making which is been the best art in Siem reap, Tourist also show their interest in getting involved into the pottery class siem reap. Today, this temple is a shrine for all Cambodians. These temples are the most important holiday destination for tourists to the region and will inspire the unabashed for years to come. Angkor is part of the world's foremost ancient areas, with the epic proportions of the Great Wall of China and the detailed complexity of such as the Taj Mahal, and all the symbols and characteristics of the pyramids rolled into one. Be warned, these temples are stunning in scale and you may need a few days to complete your inner grave Raider. 

    Pnomh Penn: The capital of Cambodia may be a violation of emotions. Motorcycles pass through tiny caves that cover small chairs on footpaths, and all roads are smell of pork, straw and traffic. But this is all part of a surprise. When the "Pearl of Asia" was despised by the presence of war and revolution. But the city has grown from ash to the origin of the hip area of the region, with its growing cafés, cafés and world-class food spots.

    South Island : Cambodia's southern islands are tropical paradise, where all tourists are dreaming and yet to be destroyed by the global and global industry chain. Stream of soft sand - Soft soft candles, colorful hammers in the wind, rustic fishing villages perched on stilts, as well as panoramic sunset sunsets. It looks so good and maybe it has to go there when it does.

    Bamboo train: It seems like a joke, but at first it is a means of transportation for residents of Battambang. Although attracting a lot of tourists, it closed in 2017 before returning to serve 20 km of the peninsula. Understanding the history of Cambodia in the Museum: Cambodia is a rich country in a deeply cosmopolitan culture with a deep history. You can explore the country's past in museums, such as the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, linked to the sad Khmer Rouge memories or the great National Museum next to the Royal Palace.

    Pottery class Siem reap: It is important to note that people in Siem Reap mostly work on a pottery pot, which has traditionally been a family tradition since ancient times. And they were living on clay at that location, but then there was a company coming to buy that land and dug it. The canal surrounds people not to excavate the land Threatened. However, after the press drops, there is coordination between commune authorities and districts with the latest companies.


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