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    Technology has advanced a lot. Computers are no longer limited to desks and electrical connections. Now they roam freely in our backpacks and with us. Wearable technology is no longer new. For years it has allowed us to interact with the environment, get ready with our bodies and connect with communities. While the fitness industry continues to boom, portable accessories begin to shrink in size. The watches and the chest straps can already be considered obsolete thanks to companies. Less uncomfortable and simpler accessories are already being designed, from appearance to Bluetooth functions. You can still continue to enjoy the functions of step count, heart rate monitoring and sleep analysis that you know and love, but without the additional weight charged to your body. Whether you practice golf or train with your tennis racket, the smart ring allows you to preconfigure activities in a personalized way to obtain a better control of the heart rate. And best of all, the small size of the equipment allows you to take advantage of its charger, which you can carry on the keychain or use on a laptop, to enjoy freely when you are away.


    Portable accessories for wellness are not only limited to training. The concept of well-being covers everything from your health, your way of thinking and even your position. Teams help correct the stooped position and reinforce the back while sitting at the desk in the office or on the sofa in the house. The small white equipment attaches to the upper back and can easily be hidden under thick or waterproof sweaters. The team is connected to the app where you can set reminders, daily achievements and weekly progress reports. Make sure you   connect your mobile device to the Internet service in your home  to enjoy a simple experience in the app. What is the best part of correcting your position? You will strengthen your back and you will regain confidence in time for when those warm weather days return. 
     We always run in search of our phones when there is a moment worth photographing to try to capture the perfect photo. Luckily, portable accessories such as  Snapchat's Spectacles  make this process easier (and hands-free) than ever. After launching its 1st generation of sunglasses in November 2016, Snapchat has designed its optical accessories in a more elegant and technological way. With your V2 glasses, you can make recordings underwater,  synchronize wirelessly with your mobile device and send content instantly to contacts or save it in your camera folder. The most remarkable feature is the novel subtlety. Featuring bright yellow circles around the cameras, the Spectacles V1 allow their cameras to merge with the glasses so no one notices them. Now you can make your captures in a very subtle way. 

    Wearable Technology like the   transform the jackets to provide a simpler integration of the technology we already trust. The most striking features of the jacket   include   transportation. When calling Uber or Lyft, the fist of the jacket will vibrate to notify you that your transport has arrived. If you drive your own vehicle, it can even give you directions, point out locations or notify you about important calls or texts.So, in what way do portable accessories have an impact on transportation? Less distraction, greater concentration and safer driving, - benefits  for all. 


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