The myths about digital transformation services on several initiatives

    In this sense, we can say that this movement has transformed the people, the society and the way the companies manage the business. Technology has been increasingly used and contributes to making activities faster and more agile. The subject of digital transformation services is intimately related to the role of technology in today's society. Basically, we're talking that you, from an internet connection, can do anything you feel like doing. Go to the bank, buy a product, talk to someone, pay an account, etc. In the context of business, digital transformation is what enables any company to become virtual. But when talking about virtual business, the reference should be to create value and revenue in digital assets, going far beyond the automation of processes. It is the transformation of internal and external processes and business models, allowing a new experience to customers through digital technology.

    If you pick up your cell phone and check the amount of applications present in it, you may have a little idea of how digital transformation is present in the market. By the way, by observing your own routine, you will find that your way of relating to businesses in any industry has changed radically. Technologies connect people worldwide, one part seeking lodging and the other offering their houses as shelter for a few days. The payment is made by the web, a safe, cheap business and that made viable trips that, until recently, would be much more expensive. In the financial market, banks have been turning into digital companies for a long time. In fact, today, the only activity that still forces the client to go to an agency is the need to cash money.

    Even in the B2B market there are companies that have been standing out in terms of innovation. There is hardly any establishment that does not accept card payments, both debit and credit. Those who need credit, a way to connect people who need resources with others who want to invest. The move comes cheaper for both parties and boosts economic growth as it allows you to enable working capital at lower rates to invest in your business. In relation to working models, companies have also been expanding their horizons through digital transformation, improving people management. The most modern organizations are betting on home office schemes, allowing their employees to work from home and go to the headquarters only to hold meetings or training. Generally, it is the Information Technology sector that is responsible for aspects related to a digital company and any modernization of a company. However, believing that the area alone is responsible for change is a big mistake. 

    Digital transformation services involve a change in organizational culture and the involvement of managers so that technology goes out of planning and actually works in practice. Therefore, we can say that it is a multidisciplinary work that involves the whole company. So, we can say that digital strategies have to be adopted and well planned, but this does not represent the digital transformation itself. Again, this involves the use of technologies, cultural change and the mindset, and above all how tools can help to optimize work and routine within organizations. As you might realize, digital transformation is so much more than just having a few electronic processes. It's about total business virtualization, providing new ways to connect with customers, suppliers, and employees.


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